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Title: The Moldovan Derby ---- Caption: Republic of Moldova / Transnistria / Tiraspol / The dancers of the local “Sunshine” dance club ready for the show they will perform in the middle of the field during the game break. With two open arenas (of 13.000 and 8.000 seats) and a covered one of 3.700 seats beside 12 training fields and the only Olympic swimming pool of the (Moldovan) country, FC Sheriff Tiraspol has significant financial means offering to the children of the region and the players an unique opportunity of development. These differences between FC Sheriff and the rest of Moldova play a role in the often contradictory relationship among the two sides of the river. © Chiara Dazi République de Moldavie / Transnistrie / Tiraspol / Les danseuses du groupe “Sunshine” se préparent pour le spectacle qu’elles vont danser sur le terrain pendant la mi-temps. Avec deux arènes ouvertes ( de 13.000 et 8.000 places ), une couverte de 3.700 à côté de au moins 12 terrain d’entrainement et la seule piscine olympique de tout le pays, le complexe sportif du FC Sheriff Tiraspol offre aux enfants et joueurs du pays une chance unique de développement. Les différences dans les ressources financières parmi les clubs des villes moldaves et le Sheriff jouent un rôle dans les rapports contradictoires entre les deux côtes du fleuve. © Chiara Dazi

FC Sheriff to play in the Champions League
chiara dazi
Sep 14, 2021
The soccer team FC Sheriff from Tiraspol has qualified for the first time to the group stage of the European Champions League.
It is about to play against the biggest in the sport. What's so important about this?
Tiraspol is the Capital of Transnistria, an internationally non-recognised independent "state" within the Republic of Moldova. Its soccer team, though, plays, and wins all the time, in the main league of Moldova, and thus gets yearly a spot in the Champions League qualifications. This time it managed to win further and will thus start the group rounds on September 15th.

I have been following photographically the Moldovan main league for more than two years and there are many more contrasts, more grey areas, more fluid and sliding identities to be discovered in the whole story:
THE MOLDOVAN DERBY - football - Your photographer Chiara Dazi
 THE MOLDOVAN DERBY Not long ago, Moldova was one state within the Soviet Union. Today, the tiny country on the border of the European Union itself...

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