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Chiara Dazi is an Italian documentary photographer with a passion for sports, traditions and the East. Born in the Italian Po valley, she studied languages and received a degree in communication sciences at the Università di Bologna with a thesis on German "Ostalgie", or nostalgia for the former GDR. She has worked in the archive of VU' agency in Paris and then graduated from the Berlin Ostkreuz school of photography. 
She received several awards and grants, spent artist residencies in Georgia, Kaliningrad (Russia), the Republic of Moldova and Italy and exhibited widely in EU and the Republic of Moldova. 

A more detailed CV on request
Interested in how collective memories and borders influence identities and how communities deal with past and traditions. I mostly approach my stories with empathy and a regard for intimacy. My practice is concerned with the notion of belonging and of sharing. Through photography, I question the bridges between the identity of the singular and the collectivity, which I visualize by concentrating on the human relationships in their context and with their contexts. 

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